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Bardsey Island Apple

Bardsey Island

A rare and unique variety from Bardsey Island. Medium eating apple with lemon aromas. The sweet fruit will keep till November.

Abergwyngregyn Damson


Remarkable disease free trees. Good sized dark purple fruit. Excellent to eat raw or make into a rich jam.

Denbigh Plum


A native Welsh Plum variety, these are the first young trees available in 100 years. Sweet and juicy fruit to eat raw or cook with.


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Morgan Sweet Apple

Morgan Sweet

Morgan Sweet (South Wales) popular in South Wales mining towns from the C18th. A large greenish yellow eating apple. Eat in September.

Pig Aderyn Apple

Pig Aderyn

A tree of Norman origin, still found near Carmarthen. A sweet and juicy fruit, highly renowned for its excellent single variety cider.

Channel Beauty Apple

Channel Beauty

Channel Beauty (Swansea) was popular in South Wales markets in the 1920s. Has a good savoury taste, crisp and juicy, with a cox like aroma.

Baker's Delicious Apple

Baker's Delicious

Baker's delicious (South Wales) A handsome bright orange/red/gold eating apple. Very aromatic with a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity.

Diamond Apple


Steeped in history, these trees originate from fruit washed ashore in 1825.

Goose's Arse Apple

Goose's Arse

Goose's Arse (Dyfed). A large green, tangy early cooking apple. Named after its shape, not its flavour!

Pig Skin Apple

Pig Skin

Found in Gaerwen (Ynys Mon). This hardy variety with frost resistent blossom is ideal for Welsh gardens. The fruit stores very well.

Snowdon Queen Pear

Snowdon Queen

Found in 1983 growing on the side of Snowdon above Llanberis. The fruit has pinkish flesh with sweet perfumed juice.

St Cecilia Apple

St Cecilia

This is a vigorous and heavy cropping tree, producing fruit with intense aromatic flavour. The flavour is said to be at its best on St Cecilia's Day (Nov 22nd)

Pigeon's Beak Apple

Pigeon's Beak

An old welsh mid season cooking apple. Origins uncertain. Large and round with pale green skin.

Welsh Cox Apple

Welsh Cox

Unlike Cox's Orange Pippin, this variety is easy to grow and is disease resistant. It produces a medium fruit with excellent balance of sweetness and acidity.

Champagne Apple


An early eater. Very juicy, sweet yet tangy. A striking pillar box red apple.

Monmouth Beauty Apple

Monmouth Beauty

Monmouth Beauty (Malpas) originated 1750. Popular in local C19th markets. Crimson flushed eating apple with a rich scent and texture.

Rhyl Beauty Apple

Rhyl Beauty

Rhyl Beauty has a rich, fine, fruity flavour. Is a long keeping dessert apple.

Trwyn Mochyn Apple

Trwyn Mochyn

First recorded in the 1600's, this large green cooking apple with a unique shape has long grown on Anglesey. Very disease resistant.

Seek no Further Apple

Seek no Further

Seek no Further (Monmouth) is a fine light russeted mid-season eating apple. The creamy white flesh has a brisk nutty aromatic flavour.

Nant Gwrtheryn Apple

Nant Gwrtheryn

A delightful golden russett with a fascinating fennel flavour. Found in the quarry managers garden in Nant Gwrtheryn on the Pen Llyn, North Wales.

Cariad Cherry


An excellent large red cherry. Self-fertile and disease resistant.

Penrhyn Castle Pear

Penrhyn Castle

Penryhn Castle Pear (Gwynedd), an excellent, pale yellow pear. Delicious. Similair to a Doyenné du Comice in appearance, but much more disease resistant.

The following varieties are extremely rare and have limited availability...

Glynllifon Grape


A stunning red grape found in the late Lord Newborough's greenhouse on the Glynllifon estate.


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Wern Apple


An Excellent reliable aple for Welsh gardens. Medium sized with a rich flavour.

Goose's Beak Apple

Goose's Beak

A locally famous cooking apple from the Dinefwr area. Pale green skin with a slight pink flush.

Glan Sevin Apple

Glan Sevin

A popular mid-seaon eating apple. Sweet and refreshing.

Monmouth Green Apple

Monmouth Green

A once famous light green dual-purpose apple. After Christmas, it turns into a delightful yellow eater.

Brith Mawr Apple

Brith Mawr

A very famous South Wales apple. It is a handsome, mid-season and dual-purpose apple.

Perthyre Apple


A well known mild bitter-sweet apple. Produces an excellent single variety cider.

Twyn Y Sheriff Apple

Twyn Y Sheriff

A pale green russeted cider apple. Lovely mild flavoured juice with bittersweet tannins and a low acidity.

Machen Apple


A once very popular second early red dual purpose apple. A fine cooker which ripens to a delightful juicy eater.

Cadwaladr Apple


Makes an excellent bittersweet single variety cider. Still widely grown.

Marged Nicolas Apple

Marged Nicolas

A late dual purpose yellow russet. A delicious New Year eater.

Beaumaris Apple


A delicious red apple, more info to follow

Llwyd Hanner Goch Apple

Llwyd Hanner Goch

A delicious late russet apple, thought to date back to the 16th Century

Snowdon Lily Flower

Snowdon Lily

The rarest wild flower in the UK, less than 80 survive wild in the mountains of Snowdonia.

Llangernyw Yew Tree

Llangernyw Yew

The famous Yew tree in Llangernyw Church Yard is estiated to be 5000 years old.


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Menai Whitebeam Tree

Menai Whitebeam

A unique species that grows only on a single limestone outcrop on the banks of the Menai Straits.

Welsh Bluebell Seeds Flower

Welsh Bluebell Seeds

Guarenteed pure Welsh Bluebell seed collected under license.

Berllanderi Green Pear

Berllanderi Green

A large green fruit rippens to a delightful yellow. Excellent fruity balanced juice. Medium tannins and low acid. Can also be eaten.

Ffrederic Apple


Found in the forest of Dean in the 1800s. Produces an attractive sharp juice with no astringency. Makes a famous single variety cider and “the finest apple jelly.

Gwehelog Red Pear Pear

Gwehelog Red Pear

A pretty early september pear. The pale yellow-green skin developes a pink-orange flush. Gives a low tannin, low acid juice

Welsh Black Poplar Tree

Welsh Black Poplar

A massive tree of the fertile Welsh flood plains. Since the C.19th, it has been disappearing rapidly. There are now only two hundred trees left in Wales.

Welsh Gin Pear

Welsh Gin

A delightful midseason pear giving a sweet/bitter sweet juice. Low in acid and tannins.

Welsh Poppy Flower

Welsh Poppy

A perennial plant with delightful fern-like leaves that flourishes in the semi-shade of an orchard. The golden flowers are borne in June/July.

Anglesey's Glory Apple

Anglesey's Glory

A handsome fine flavoured mid seasoned dessert apple. Grown from a chance seedling by Mrs Sylvia Farthing of Amlwch.